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Curtain Cleaning In Ealing W5

Curtain Cleaning Services EalingLet us help you and remove the past from your curtains, our professional cleaners are equipped to eradicate stains and smells straight away, no waiting or drying times. As a leading provider in the field in Ealing, London, we can give you the best cleaning tip. Call us and get:

  • Fully sanitized curtains
  • No more smells or stains
  • Deposit-free booking
  • Attractive pricing
  • Regular discounts

We can also accommodate allergies and chemical sensitivities, as we use all bio-degradable detergents that reduce toxin levels in your home and better the air quality in your rooms, no more airborne particles and unpleasant chemical smells. Call us now at 020 3746 8216 or get a free online quote. Either way we'll quickly respond and help you solve your domestic cleanness issues.

We Clean all Types of Curtains

Curtains come in different types, conditions and ages and we can clean them all: cotton, silk, natural, blends, synthetic fibers and a lot more.

Our Cleaning Methods

Dry cleaning – for the best results when attending to natural fibered curtains, we use our dry compound cleaning treatment. We use a dry compound which has been granulated to remove all moisture and offer clients an option for risk free cleaning. The gentle approach of this detergent allows for quick damage free cleaning that only takes about 15 minutes. It does necessitate that we take down the curtains for proper cleaning, however, we will put them back on free of charge. There are no drying times or leftover particles from the detergent, everything will be extracted with a vacuum machine.

Steam cleaning – offers a mobile cleaning to all synthetic and woolen curtain types, this means that we don’t have to take them down, lowering wrinkling and down times. We apply a detergent on the affected areas then blast the stains and dust away with a high steam jet and extract all of the filth and grime with a vacuum machine. All of this is safe for you and the environment, with no leftovers or chemical reactions. The colours of your curtains and the fibers will be rejuvenated and refreshed, with a brand new look. For a quicker drying time we recommend you use our air movers, they are proven to work well for fabric drying.

Trusted For A Reason

We’ve been working with Ealing, London residents for the past 7 years and during that time we’ve learned what people here value the most – proper treatment. And what a better place to get that than with Ealing Local Cleaners, call at any time of the day or night, we are on stand-by and waiting to aid you however we can.

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Don’t tolerate anything but cleanliness, we offer you a 24/7 booking window where you can call us at any time and book our cleaners even during weekends and bank holidays. It’s easy, free to book and call and you can even get a price estimation free of charge. 020 3746 8216