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Frequently Asked Questions

A: We focus on the proper removal of a wide range of stains, though the degree of success lies largely on the age of said stain. If you have waited a long time to call, then the chances of our success are a lower than usual. For the best results remove the stain or give us a call so we can professionally do it for you.

A: This depends entirely on the type of fabric it’s made off. Some materials like cotton tend to dissipate heat a bit slower than others like wool or some synthetic materials. Drying usually takes anywhere between 3-4 hours, but the waiting time can be lowered with the usage of our air movers.

A: It is preferred. We are not obliged to move it ourselves, but due to safety concerns we tend to do it regardless. To avoid this waste of time, we prefer that a client moves their own furniture, to save time and lower the chance of damage to personal property.

A: They are. All of our cleaning agents and detergents pass the REACH evaluation and adhere to all EU and UK standards. In fact what we use has the highest bio-degradable rating possible. This means it leaves no trace of the agent behind, with no byproducts like smells or trails left behind.

A: Yes. We have a lot of equipment to carry, some of it heavier than other. To lower the waiting time and maximize our workload, we’d be happy if you secured us a parking spot near your location.

A: Yes you can! We work bank holidays and weekends from 5:30am until 23:30pm, without charging you extra, no delays. Simply give us a call if it’s a busy season to schedule a visit. Short notice booking is also possible, give us a call and see for yourself.