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Ealing W5 Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Udar Bassi on Apr 16, 2015

So it turns out champagne is hard to clean from curtains, there’s no color on the fabric but you can see a distinct stain and it’s driving me crazy. We can’t use water because the curtain is 80% silk and it will shrink line nobody’s business. I called these guys and they dealt with it straight away, in 15 minutes they were done with the entire curtain, no drying required.

Reviewed by James March on Oct 2, 2014

I am very happy with their work, I can’t believe how fast they work, its amazing to watch. We were making some jam in the kitchen and some got on the tiles, thought it would be easier to remove when dry, but its near impossible. They came, steamed it up and removed the stain from the grout, great work, buys and gals!

Reviewed by Larry on Apr 16, 2014

Mariel Tongs I booked a hard floor cleaning job in March of this year, the tiles in the front of my new shop needed proper cleaning. The previous owner didn’t take too much care of them and they were filthy. I tried on my own but its back breaking work with a brush and a mop and I don’t have the money or time to get anything better. So I called these guys and they were done with all of the tiles in only one afternoon. The attitude, the response time and the deal they gave me were all great. I will definably use them again soon.

Reviewed by Jake Murray on Aug 14, 2013

I’ve had bad experience with cleaning companies and these guys were by far the least disappointing. We use a lot of spices in our home, and sometimes the carpet in the hallway can get a bit nasty, this is why I use professional cleaners. I can’t really complain about their cleaning, but their tardiness, slow working and general attitude were not as pleasant as the results they delivered.

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