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Skilled Rug Cleaning In Ealing W5

Rugs are a precious investment, let us help you keep them in their best condition, with life-prolonging programs and techniques we can make sure you and your offspring enjoy them for a longer period of time. We are leading provider of cleaning services for Ealing W5 and the entire London area and we’d be glad if you became a part of our large family, here you can enjoy:

  • Rug Cleaning Services EalingEco friendly solutions
  • Deep fiber cleansing
  • Skilled & insured staff
  • No hidden fees
  • Affordable rates
  • Non-stop customer care

And a special treatment designed to keep your rugs clean for a longer period of time – Scotchgard will cost you a bit more, but the pay-off is greater. It will prolong the life expectancy of your rugs and keep them clean for a longer period of time, free of dirt and stains. Wait no more - dial 020 3746 8216 right away and get your rug's original color fully restored.

We Clean any Rug Types

Rugs are quite delicate and we aim to safely clean all kinds, including: sisal, silk, cotton, wool, woven, blends, natural fibers, synthetic fibers, satin, etc.

Our Rug Cleaning Тechniques

Dry cleaning – is a preferred method of cleaning when it comes to natural fibers like silk and cotton. They are heat and moisture sensitive and tend to get damaged to lose their colours if exposed to those elements. We use this to treat them with 0% chance of damage, with a rejuvenating effect that protects the colours from discolorations while also removing stains and dirt accumulations. We apply this magical detergent with a fine brush, after which we extract it using a strong vacuum machine and the rug is ready for usage, easy as that.

Steam cleaning – concentrates on stain and dirt removal with hints of allergen removal and toxin extraction. The treatments itself is more suitable for the safe cleaning of synthetic and woolen rugs that would fare better under the strong and potent effects of steam and pressure. We use the strength that this treatment offers to properly remove old stains and deep dust accumulations to bring out the vivid colours hiding beneath all of the filth. There is a short drying time of 2-3 hours, which can be lessened with our air movers.

Choose our cleaning services

With a success rate of 99%, more than 10,000 happy customers and 7 years in the business, we would be happy to help you in your quest for a cleaner, safer home. We can contribute to your safety with the usage of all bio-degradable detergents and cleaning agents that will remove toxins from the textiles in your home and deal with allergens and pests.

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To book, just call 020 3746 8216 and we will be sure to schedule you with your personal schedule in mind. If you have any questions regarding our work, how we charge and so forth, just use the instant live chat, its free of charge and available 24/7.